Did you happen to catch the news story regarding this mountain lion officials believe is originally from South Dakota that was found in Kentucky last December?

Now I've had cats throughout my life that like to go out at night and do a little prowling, but nothing like this! It sounds like this cat may have put on some big time road miles recently.

Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officials say they have investigated and can't say for sure how a mountain lion turned up on a farm in central Kentucky last December.

Back on December, 15, 2014, a conservation officer in Bourbon County responded to a homeowner's complaint that a mountain lion was found located in one of his trees in a populated area outside of Paris, Kentucky. Evidently the owners dog had frightened the lion up the tree.

The officer was forced to shoot and kill the animal due to public safety concerns.

Investigators determined the lion was roughly a 5-year-old male, weighing 125 pounds and in good condition. They ran a DNA analyses on the animal and found its genetic origin was linked to a mountain lion population located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Wildlife officials say there's no concrete evidence the mountain lion made its way from South Dakota to Kentucky on its own. There's a possibility the animal may have been a released or escaped captive lion.

Either way, that's a serious road trip for a big cat like that to make.

Source: WLKY

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