Now that the 2020 Election season is slowly coming to a close (maybe), it's time to pay attention to more important aspects of life, like the television show, The Bachelorette.  Just kidding!  However, I do think it's worth discussing South Dakota native Dale Moss's rise to fame on the ABC hit series.

If you haven't been following the 16th season, this is all you really need to know.  Dale seems to be stirring the pot with the other contestants trying to win Bacherloette's Clare Crawley's heart.  Out of the men left on the show, Dale has spent the most time with Clare.  So much time that Clare can't seem to get Dale out of her head.  She has even deliberately gone out of her way to ask the other men about Dale.  How?'s obvious.

In a recent group date, the men were asked to create jokes for the "Bachelorette Roast."  The men were told they could poke fun at anyone.   To no one's surprise, most of the men roasted their fellow contestant Dale.  Needless to say, Clare was visibly upset. After the roast, she asked each man on the group date about his "Dale" jokes.  Clare never appeared to individually talk with the contestants or even tried to get to know them personally.  As a result, Clare walked away and called Dale her "fiance" to one of the producers on the show.

Heads up: here come some spoilers.

In the bombshell episode on Thursday night, a lot of questions were answered for Bachelor Nation.  One of the rumors was that Clare and Dale talked previously before filming started.  When host Chris Harrison asked Clare that question, she answered no right away.  However, she did admit to looking at the men's social media pages while filming was halted due to COVID.  Clare then emotionally told Chris that Dale was the one.  Chris Harrison knew what had to happen next.

The rose ceremony was canceled because Clare wanted to utilize that time to express to Dale how she was truly feeling about him.  As it turns out, Dale feels the same way about her!  Like Clare, he has felt a connection with her since day one.

So some of the rumors turned out to be true...right?  There's one tiny, microscopic detail missing.  It wouldn't be The Bachelorette without a wedding proposal which is what Dale was faced with next.  This was also the biggest rumor of them all, Dale and Clare getting engaged as a result of their "fast track" romance.  Talk about being in the red zone with under ten seconds to go.

Despite everything happening so quickly, Dale does propose to Clare and they are officially engaged!  The rumors were true!

As for the rest of the men on The Bachelorette, their journeys are not over yet.  Each of the men had the option to stay on the show for the new Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams.  It appears that the guys on Clare's season did decide to continue to try to find love with Tayshia.  Dale and Clare's story will be shown throughout the rest of the season.

I know ABC (kind of) painted Dale Moss as the "villain" on the show.  The bottom line is the Brandon native was just doing what any other contestant was determined to do, get time any way you can.  His actions were not well-liked by the others, and the other guys didn't care for him.  But Dale never tried to be anyone else.  Dale showed that he was proud of who he was and where he comes from.  In fact, he was and still is showing his South Dakota pride on social media during and after his time on The Bachelorette.  Dale loves his Brandon Valley High School Lynx!

Check out this sweet letter Dale received from a senior at Brandon Valley High School!  He posted this letter on his Instagram story.

Canva, Dale Moss (via Instagram Story)
Canva, Dale Moss (via Instagram Story)

So no matter what ABC, other contestants, and the world thinks about Dale, he is "South Dakota Nice."  He loves his state and Dale used his new platform thanks to The Bachelorette to showcase the "Great Faces, Great Places."

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