I've never watched The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Don't get me wrong, I'm not above trashy reality TV, I mean I watched Jersey Shore, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, and Double Shot at Love with Pauly D and Vinny-both seasons!

But, something about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette just annoyed me. You're telling me these people really think they're going to fall in love in like three weeks? Crazy to me.

However, my attitude totally changed for this season for a couple of reasons. 1. Clare Crawley will be the oldest 'Bachelorette' and I can relate. Girl, don't settle. She's 39. I'm 34. I get it. Especially in the Midwest, I should have 7 kids by now. 2. Dale Moss from Brandon, SD is on this season. Now, I don't know him personally, but that was enough for me to watch because it's just cool to see someone repping South Dakota. But then, all these rumors started swirling about how Dale was the main focus of a lot of the drama. Allegedly, he was in contact with Clare before the shooting started. Then, we find out that Clare is replaced as The Bachelorette sometime during filming with Tayshia Adams. Ok fine! You got me! I'll watch it!

The long-awaited premiere was last night and I have some thoughts.

Some of these guys seem super nice and cute. If Clare doesn't want them, send them my way. Specifically, Blake Moynes and Garin Flowers. (Don't tell Tim.)

I get that each guy is trying to stand out and make some kind of impression right off the bat, but the straight jacket guy, I just can't. He kept it on the whole time! At the entire cocktail party! Which, I have come to find outlasts all night! They do the rose ceremony the next morning. Girl, no. That is too late. I'd be tired. We will continue this after I get some sleep. And then, get this, STRAIGHTJACKET GUY GOT A ROSE! What?

Next week, it looks like some of the guys are supes jealous of Dale because they start pulling the old 'he's here for the wrong reasons, he doesn't care about Clare, he just wants to be famous' card. Duh! Isn't that why everyone goes on these shows anymore. It's a way to become famous-ish and maybe get the bonus of a soulmate.

I am intrigued though. I set the series recording on the DVR so I guess it's official. I'm watching The Bachelorette.

Here are some of my fave tweets from last night. Enjoy!


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