Someone in Marshalltown ruined the hopes and dreams of fans of a popular department store by putting up a sign on the land of a property owned there by UnityPoint Health this week

UnityPoint Health, Facebook
UnityPoint Health, Facebook

Tragically, UnityPoint was forced to post the following response. But they did have a little fun with it.

KCCI says that while UnityPoint isn't opposed to a Target occupying the spot (neither is anyone else), the deal hasn't been done and the property is still for sale. According to WHO, UnityPoint moved its operation from this hospital in downtown Marshalltown to a new facility at Highways 30 and 14 back in April and is looking for a new tenant. But they've had no word on Target's actual interest.

Residents say it would make good sense for Target to move in as the next closest ones are 40 and 45 minutes away in Ames and Altoona, respectively.

It still looks nice right now and I want to see it turned into something positive before it gets damaged,” said Marshalltown resident Robert Kelly. “I’m sad to see the hospital go, but they should make it into something useful. Instead of it being abandoned, it should be something for the community.”

Here's what another resident, Danielle Stokley said:

That’s the problem with this town, no one takes anything seriously anymore. It should become someplace where people are getting further ahead instead of just staying right where they are. I don’t know of anything fun to do in this town

Some fear if it goes too long without being sold, it will attract more vandals and pranksters. Good luck to Marshalltown in finding the right tenant to move into this building.

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