A convenience store in Vermillion, South Dakota fell victim to a credit card skimming issue over the weekend.

KSFY TV is reporting that two skimmer devices were found at the Pump & Pak location on the 600 block of Stanford Street on Sunday, (June 16).

Vermillion police told KSFY several Pump & Pak customers had commented to the store staff how the counter top card readers "did not feel quite right." After an investigation, it was discovered that a "second face" had been installed over the top of the credit card reader devices.

The business contacted authorities, who determined the modifications made to the readers allowed someone to record and transmit credit card information fraudulently.

According to KSFY, police had the skimmer devices removed from the Pump & Pak location by noon on Sunday. Now the question becomes, when were the fraudulent devices installed, and who is responsible?

Authorities in Vermillion want to remind other businesses in the area to closely examine their credit readers for any evidence of modifications.

Also, customers who recently visited the Stanford Street, Pump & Pak location, and used the indoor credit card reader, need to be monitoring their bank accounts. Should you notice any fraudulent charges, you are asked to please notify your bank immediately.

Source: KSFY TV

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