SiouxperCon 2016 is Friday, Saturday and Sunday; April 15, 16 and 17 at the Best Western Ramkota in Sioux Falls. There’s so much going on starting with the video game tournament Friday night. Plus, there’s going to be vendors, booths, panels, movies, cosplay and so much more.

Anime is going to be represented at SiouxperCon, of course. here are some of the highlights.

New Anime Panel with Dreaming Sheep Cosplay and Cassandra Rain
on Sunday April 17th at12:00 PM. This hour is dedicated to talking about the newest anime from 2016.

Indievents will be showing Only Yesterday on Sunday. This  film from Isao Takahata was made in 1991 and was just released in the US this year.

Another panel to look for is Creating Comics with Sean E. Williams and Eric Gapstur on Saturday at 3:00 PM. Sean E. Williams and Eric Gapstur are going to take you through the comic book process; from writing, to drawing, to lettering. They’ll also talk about what it takes to make your own comics and how to get the into the hands of readers.

Also, Tom Nguyen talking about Drawing Digitally On the Surface Pro 2 on Saturday at 6:00 PM. Nguyen will demonstrate some of the ways he uses his Surface Pro 2 to do what he loves.

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