You ever do something you really regret? But you regret it even more after you were warned of what would happen but you did it anyway? That is exactly what happened to an Iowa man.

According to, Trent Thomas Landers was arrested in Sioux Center on a charge of public intoxication, which is really easy to get arrested for in Iowa even if you're just pretending, after an incident at a hotel.

Landers was staying at the Econolodge in Sioux Center when hotel staff tried to get him to leave his room, though it was not clear why. He did not want to leave so the staff called the police. When the cops came, they told him not to leave his room after he admitted to them that he was drunk and there were several empty containers in the room.

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Iowa has a statewide law against making the slightest appearance in a public place while intoxicated. That meant that if Landers had left his hotel room he was instantly guilty of a crime. There is no such law in South Dakota, though cities in the state are allowed to draft ordinances to that effect.

Sometime after the police visit with Landers at the hotel, he was spotted by police outside the hotel on his hands and knees. Now he was in public and also admitted to urinating outside of his room, though it is not clear if that meant outdoors or in the hallway outside his room. Either way, he was arrested by Sioux Center Police and charged with public intoxication.

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