If you think you noticed the population signs hanging around the outskirts of Sioux Falls, you weren't seeing things as that has been the case.

The city of Sioux Falls recently updated the population signs to reflect the new population in the ever-growing metro area.

The population in Sioux Falls has grown once again and now sits at 195,850 people.

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Per the city of Sioux Falls website, the city saw an increase of 3,550 people from a year ago and that 1.9% increase was a slight decrease of 2.18% in the prior 12 months.

I remember when we moved to Sioux Falls in 1989 and the population sat somewhere slightly under 100,000 and to see the expansion and growth of the city over the last 30 years is remarkable.

The quality of life has improved, schooling has continued to be very good, the crime rate has stayed relatively low compared to other market sizes and the unemployment rate is always low.

Hopefully, Sioux Falls will continue to grow and do so in a great way for the community as a whole

For more information on the population increases in the city, news surrounding the metro area, and more, you can visit the city of Sioux Falls website.


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