If you have ever struggled to find a parking spot in downtown Sioux Falls, I have some great news the parking gods are about to smile on the Sioux Empire!

Check this out, back in 2018 the city of Sioux Falls soft-launched an app called 'Park Smarter.' They kept the app under wraps from the public in order to work out any possible bugs that might exist.

As KSFY TV reports, this new app is designed to make parking more convenient throughout the city of Sioux Falls. Once the Park Smarter app officially launches, it will become a lifesaver for those who work and live in the downtown area who don't have time to constantly keep feeding parking meters. In the end, hopefully, it will also help to cut down on the amount of parking tickets issued each day.

So the question becomes, what is the status of the app, and why is this new time-saving technology still a secret from the majority of us in the general public?

T.J. Nelson, Deputy Chief of Staff with the city of Sioux Falls told KSFY, "Whenever we have a new technology that we want to launch we also do some testing of that to make sure that it's a fully functional thing because we don't want folks to get frustrated with the platform. So rather than have all that frustration and all these backlogs of tickets and complaints we want to make somethings buttoned up before we launch it out there."

According to KSFY, a couple of kinks still exist in the app. Android users are reporting that the app still has a few hiccups. Apple users haven't reported nearly as many problems with it.

How will the app work once the city is ready to unveil it?

Nelson told KSFY, "The app will let you pay your meter up front, and it'll send you a notification if your meter is about to expire you can add time to it. The app will also have a feature that helps you find available parking."

Right now the plan is to have the new Park Smarter app available to be download by the end of this summer.

Source: KSFY TV

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