I remember a few years ago when the original Cinnabon within The Empire Mall announced that they would be closing. My family and I would always buy one or two and split them over a pot of coffee on the weekends.

After The Empire Mall location closed down, we could only get the famous Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls from The Flying Jay heading North out of town off the highway.

The experience wasn't the same as peering over the glass case to see the gooey frosting on the other side but at least we could still get our cinnamon roll fix.

But now, Cinnabon has made a reappearance back at The Empire Mall!

The new location for Cinnabon is where Auga Fresh was previously according to SiouxFalls.Business.

Cult favorites from the Cinnamon roll franchise are available in both pre-boxed batches for easy carryout. Or also freshly made (you can't go wrong with the classic Cinnabon warmed up and a cup of hot coffee.)

Still, a portion of the Empire Mall's food court is sectioned off to encourage social distancing.

"Recent reopenings include Oakley and Yankee Candle. Some retail spaces are still closed, too, including Banana Republic and Gap."- Sioux.Falls. Business

Only time will tell if those retailers will reopen or not within The Empire Mall.

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