Ever think about making a s'more with a marshmallow already filled with chocolate?  Well, think no further!

You'll never have to buy chocolate bars for campfire nights again!  Stuffed-Puffs has officially changed the way people eat s' mores.  These fluffy treats already have chocolate inside the marshmallow. Sometimes, chocolate will not melt on with the marshmallow when between the graham crackers.  This new creation solves that problem!  It's real chocolate, and it will melt right with the marshmallow.  For parents with kids who like to “wear” their chocolate, clean-up time will definitely be more manageable!

The Insider reports that "the sweet combo marshmallows were invented by Michael Tierney, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America while sitting around the campfire."  These marshmallows are sold nationwide at Walmart for just under $4!

S’mores over an open fire are always a tasty treat!  Will you add s' mores with chocolate-stuffed marshmallows to your dessert menu this Thanksgiving?

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