Who doesn't love a good Casey's General Store pizza, especially during a full-blown pandemic, right?

If you've been jonesing for Casey's pizza, but you're not to keen about leaving the house in the midst of all this COVID-19 madness, here's some good news that will surely help bring a smile to your face.

Dakota News Now is reporting that a popular nationwide convenience store chain is expanding its pizza delivery service to people here in the Sioux Empire and all over the nation during a time when almost everyone is being forced to self-isolate as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. 

Casey's is teaming up with DoorDash to start offering pizza delivery to nearly 600 locations. According to Dakota News Now, many of those spots will be right here in Sioux Falls.

The nationwide announcement made by Casey's General Store on Monday (April 6) will add a delivery service to nearly 350 stores where it wasn't previously available. Prior to the announcement, Casey's already had been providing delivery service from nearly 800 of their stores.

Dakota News Now reports Casey's pizza delivery hours will match each store's kitchen hours from morning to night, seven days a week.

By the end of April, Casey's plans to offer dozens of additional grocery and household items as delivery options as well.

Check out the DoorDash website for Casey's delivery service and location details here in the Sioux Empire.

Source: Dakota News Now

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