Barstool Sports is your home for all your sports needs. From college football to the NFL, Barstool Sports has your entertainment for the entire season. They also provide reviews of their favorite pizza.

If you're a fan of Barstool Sports, then you have to know the fury Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy causes just after eating pizza. Dave Portnoy ranks pizza from across the country on his legendary Pizza Reviews. He knows how good a pizza is just after one bite. That's the rule.

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During the second week of the college football season, Barstool Sports made an appearance in Iowa City, Iowa on Saturday. They caught all the action of the big Iowa and Iowa State game. Despite the tough Iowa loss, Dave Portnoy and the Barstool Sports crew brought the party to an Iowa bar. However, fans wanted revenge not just on the Iowa State Cyclones...but on Dave Portnoy.

A few years ago, Dave did one of his Pizza Reviews for a well-known Iowa gas station known for its breakfast pizza. Let's just say Dave wasn't too kind the first time he reviewed Casey's breakfast pizza.

"My Casey's pizza review is one of the more controversial reviews because the breakfast was terrible! And everyone in Iowa was like 'Casey's this and that.' Listen, it's gas station pizza. That's what it is. You gotta be fair."

Dave was in a good mood and decided to try Casey's breakfast pizza again. Except this time, Casey's brought him the new Ultimate Beer Cheese Pizza for him to try in front of a live audience. Here's the full Twitter video of his reaction and review:

Dave Portnoy gave his honest review and ranks this pizza as a 4.9. Yikes. This is what he has to say about this pizza on his latest Pizza Reviews:

"It's better than the trash I had last time. I did Airliner pizza today and that was way better than this. No offense. Listen, it's breakfast pizza at a gas station it can't be that good."

Harsh...what do you think about Dave Portnoy's latest review on the new Ultimate Beer Cheese Pizza from Casey's?

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