I've noticed a phenomenon on Interstate exits around Sioux Falls that is really perplexing. People don't use lanes.

A few days ago I was riding with my wife when we approached the top of the Louise Avenue exit on the southbound side of I-229. There was a van that was literally in both lanes. Two wheels in the left right-turn lane, two wheels in the right right-turn lane.

This isn't the first time I've seen this lately. I was sitting at the red light to get on I-229 at 10th Street a couple of weeks ago. I was second in line. I think. Because the pickup that was first in line had two of its wheels in the lane that goes straight ahead and two wheels in the left turn lane.

About a month ago I was coming back to the station, turning left from Louise Avenue onto 57th Street. There are two left turn lanes there. Both were occupied by a Prius.

I know driving is hard, Sioux Falls. The lines tell you where to go, the light tell you when to go, and you use your lights to tell the rest of us where you're going. It's a lot to manage while you make Tik Tok videos. But can we at least devote half of your attention to driving in town? Thanks.

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