This coffee drink will either keep you awake for a long, long time or it might kill you!

A shop called Viscous Coffee in Adelaide, Australia just created a new coffee drink that just might be the strongest in the world. No one keeps that official record, and there isn't any evidence anywhere of a stronger drink.

Their coffee has five grams of caffeine. That's about 80 times more than a single shot of espresso, and about half of a lethal dose.


Scientists estimate that 10 grams of caffeine would kill you, and this gets you halfway there.

The drink is made out of four shots of espresso, some strong cold drip coffee, and eight ice cubes that are made out of the same coffee. So each of the ice cubes has the equivalent of two espresso's worth of caffeine.

The shop says the drink isn't just a gimmick. Good enough for those who put in an 18 shift.

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