First of all, Happy Taylor Swift Lover Release Day!!!

I ran to Target as soon as I could to go get myself a copy of the new Taylor Swift album, Lover. I was so excited and then I was confused. There are FOUR versions of the Deluxe album!!!! I read all the packaging very carefully and I don't know exactly what is different?

Each version had the same track listing and the fancy sticker said they had the same amount of extras and voice memos, etc.

I think the difference is that the various journal entries might be different? ‍♀️

I bought Version Four just because it was pink. I guess that's as good a reason as any. If you bought 1 through 3, let me know what is inside yours. We can compare.

Upon writing this I haven't listened to the whole thing yet, but so far "Cruel Summer" is a bop! My fave so far.

One complaint, this CD case, because its as big as a literal journal, is never going to fit in my cubby in the car! Taylor! What are you doing to me?

And yes, I still buy CDs and enjoy listening to them in my car!

This just in, "The Man" is super catchy and Taylor is repping for all the ladies trying to do the damn thing!


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