Personally, I love "Lover". I like the single and I thoroughly enjoy the whole album of the same name so when I heard there would be a remix I was skeptical. But, you guys, Shawn Mendes is the perfect addition!

Making "Lover" a duet totally makes sense!

Shawn comes in on the second verse and it totally works! My favorite part of the bridge is still there and then Shawn adds his own fun twist! So good!

Shawn is just on the collaboration hot tamale train. His duet with real-life girlfriend, Camila Cabello, "Senorita" is also totally amazing.

In other Taylor news, there is speculation that a Christmas album or song could be just around the corner.

Swifties are quick to point out all the Christmas Easter Eggs (what a weird phrase) in her previous videos could mean there is a Christmas surprise on the way.


I'd be down for a Taylor Swift Christmas present! Bring it on! Give Mariah a run for her Christmas throne! I guess we will just have to wait and see! 


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