The forecast for the end of 2017 is coming straight out of the freezer. The National Weather Service says that after a possibility of a couple inches of snow in Sioux Falls on Friday, the temperature will remain below zero from Friday night through at about Tuesday.

Let's break that down.

Friday has a good chance of some snow, maybe a couple inches in Sioux Falls, with a daytime high of 5 above.

That night it'll drop to around 13 below zero.

Saturday will only warm up to -7. That's as warm as it'll get. Then Saturday night it'll go down to -19! Seven below also the average January daytime temperature on Mars. So we'll have that going for us.

Sunday, New year's Eve, will be the worst. High temperatures on Sunday will be -9. And Sunday night you will be racing from the party to the car because the low will be -22. That's right, twenty-two degrees below zero. To make that sound even worse, in Celsius that's -30.

Then we start 2018 Monday with a high of -2.

Sunday in Sioux Falls will be colder than Fairbanks, Alaska. There it's going to warm up to a balmy three above. But that's in southern Alaska, what about some place further north?

How about the northernmost city in the US? Barrow Alaska is well north of the Arctic Circle, so surely it'll be super cold there, right? No, they will be ringing in 2018 in shorts and shirt sleeves with a warm -4 on Sunday and -11 Sunday night.

So, be careful this weekend. Bundle up and stay inside. Also, maybe make sure the car starts.

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