Writers block has been the enemy of anyone who has ever unsheathed the pen, and tried to put thoughts to paper.

I was sitting in the radio station studio trying to find some inspiration to write about for my daily post.

I was distracted by a clicking noise that sounded like it was coming from under the studio desk, looked, but found nothing.

Sat back down and stared at a blank screen that was not writing itself, and again the clicking starts.

This time I turn on more lights, investigate all my knobs, dials, buttons, and look at the back of my computer searching for the clicking source.

It was when I started walking around my desk, I notice this yellow bird on the ledge of the window tapping away.

The bird was tapping and looking at me like "come on man, open the window."

I vaguely remember some poem we read in middle school by Edgar Allen Poe about a Raven knocking or tapping on some dudes door.

I know this yellow bird is not a raven because I have one of those tattooed on my forearm that watches me punch away at the keyboard everyday.

I always wonder why birds want to get inside, what would he do in here if I opened the window?

If he is anything like my dogs he only wants my attention to get in, then five minutes later he wants to be let back outside again.

Not sure what you wanted little tweety bird, but thanks for the writing inspiration, I owe you one.

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