The 77th annual 2017 Sturgis motorcycle rally takes place August 4 thru August 13. Even though attendance was down almost 40% last year, over 450,000 came from near and far to show up for the rally.

With that many people hotels and campgrounds can become crowded and expensive. Well, this year why not spend the week in a bunker!

According to the Rapid City Journal: "The Vivos company that is marketing abandoned military bunkers in southwest South Dakota as doomsday shelters will offer FREE camping in the bunkers during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally."

The location of the bunkers is about 120 miles away from Sturgis, 10 miles southwest of Edgemont to be exact. But they do have over 500 bunkers for you choose from.

You can even lease the bunkers! The Rapid City Journal reports that "Vivos is seeking down payments on bunker leases, which are priced at $25,000 upfront and $1,000 annually thereafter."


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