Sioux Falls Police Department Information Officer Sam Clemens says a Detroit, Michigan man faces identity theft charges.

"A man went into a cell phone store. He had a driver's license and a credit card that matched. He was trying to get several phones. Sounds like he was trying to use several different social security numbers. The employees thought this was unusual. They asked for more identification and then the man left. They called a different branch and wanted to alert them if the man shows up at the store. He did show up and had a different identification this time. Credit cards still matched. It turns out that was fake as well."

Clemens says store employees then called police.

"He was still there when we arrived at the store. Once we sorted things out he was arrested for identity theft and forgery charges. This is something we haven't seen before. It's happened in other parts of the country. Most likely we will more of this in the future."

Clemens identified the man as 49-year-old Patrick Simpson.

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