It's lent season and that means restaurants are rolling out old classics and a few new creations when it comes to fish sandwiches. Let's look at what you can find in the drive-thrus in Sioux Falls.

It was a rough assignment but trying several drive-thru fast-food fish sandwiches was fun - even though I should probably find a treadmill or go on a jog at some point. The fish sandwiches listed here are the only ones I tried and stayed with the drive-thru variety - mainly fast food. Let's see how they ranked, in my humble opinion:

  • Photo by Danny V, Townsquare Media

    Popeye's Cajun Flounder

    We've got a winner. The spices bring a touch of heat to this fish sandwich and it was a great surprise. The tartar sauce and thick pickles really made this sandwich a delight. The fish flakes nicely and the buttered bun is on point. I'll definitely get this one again. Plus it comes in a foil bag so it stays hot longer. Well done Popeyes.

  • Photo by Danny V, Townsquare media

    Culver's Northwoods Walleye

    This is a real gem and worth the wait. The Northwood's Walleye Sandwich at Culver's is served piping hot, with shredded lettuce, and a special recipe tartar sauce that really makes this a beautiful catch. The buttery bun is very good.

  • Danny V, Townsquare Media

    McDonald's Filet O' Fish

    it's a time-trusted classic with a warm bun that melts in your mouth on that first bite. One of the few fish sandwiches that has cheese. It's very good but does it really taste like fish? Does it matter? It's a great sandwich. Mickey D's have been mass producing and cranking out these fish squares for 50 years. Still a guilty pleasure for me. Bonus: The 2 for $5 deal is sweet.

  • Danny V, Townsquare Media

    Wendy's Crispy Panko Fish Sandwich

    Wendy's gave the cod a boot not long ago and replaced it with an Alaskan Pollock Fillet. It has a creamy dill tartar sauce and a good warm bun. And get had a crispy piece of Romaine lettuce instead of the stringy, soggy, iceberg lettuce which was a nice touch. The panko breading made it a crispy filet but came up short on the taste scale. Full disclosure: I'm still on the fence about whether or not cheese belongs on a fish sandwich.

  • Photo by Danny V_Townsquare Media

    Arby's Crispy Fish Sandwich

    I like it when the fish fillet actually looks like a fish fillet and hangs off the side of the bun. It's a good sandwich with tangy tartar sauce. Why is it so hard to find a good, green, crispy lettuce in a drive-thru? Throw some Romaine on that baby! Overall this is a fine sandwich. Beer-battered Alaskan pollock hits the spot. Again, points for size.

  • Photo by Danny V, Townsquare Media

    Hardee's Beer-Battered Fish

    I liked the Hardee's Fish Sandwich. There. I said it. The beer-batter was a nice change-up from the traditional breading. The tartar sauce was tangy and good. Although nearly every fast-food fishwich struggled with the lettuce game, Hardee's was no exception. I removed the wilted lettuce into the second bite.

  • Danny V, Townsquare Media

    Burger King's Big Fish

    Nothing really stands out in this fish sandwich. The bun has gotten better over the years but the fish is still the same. None of the toppings made this stand out from the rest but the one thing that saves this square fish stick on a bun is that it's in the 2 for $5 price point so it's a good value.

  • Photo by Danny V, Townsquare Media

    DQ's Wild Alaskan Fish Sandwich

    Although I couldn't get on board with the bland tartar sauce the wild Alaskan fish was just okay. Flaky, crispy, and even tasted a little like fish. But if you look into the ingredients it's actually a "fish fillet sole." Points for a well-toasted golden bun though. This one failed to hook me.