Hi, Ben here, and I’m embarking on a mission to not be fat when I turn 42. To do that I’ve partnered with Profile by Sanford and I want to take you with me on my journey.

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it; if it wasn't for my Profile Coach I would not have had any success. The plan is great, but the help of my coach gets me over myself and the mental roadblocks that I create so I can enjoy the physical benefits of Profile.

For example, right now I am frustrated. Pounds are coming off and I do get the occasional compliment or comment. But, I'm having a hard time seeing changes, especially in my face. This frustration can set off the dructicitive cycle that leads to eating everything in sight. I get upset, mad at myself, decide that nothing is worth it and retreat into the world of carbs and sugar.

That has happened a few times as of late. The difficulty in changing my brain and habits has been surprising. But, it is worth it, because I don't just want to lose weight, I want to sustain the weight loss. I don't what what's happened before when I'd shrink, just to balloon up again.

When I have these hard weeks it is such a relief to sit with my Profile coach and hear out-loud the truths that I know, but need reinforced:

"You didn't gain the weight overnight (or over a month), you won't lost is all that fast."

"You can do it. You wouldn't be here if you didn't want it."

And ,my new favorite inspirational saying that my coach shared with me:

"If you get a flat tire you don't throw out the whole car do you?"

Hearing that was like a bolt of lighting to my brain. Because if I was to absent mindedly eat some cheese curls off one of the kids' plates, that could send me into a shame spiral of, "Forget it! I suck and will now finish this whole bad of Hot Cheetos!"

No! That's not how it works. You slip and you move on. You don't slip, throw yourself on the ground, and roll in the mud.

Part of what has been frustrating me lately was that I hit a wall with my veggies. Generally I like to eat the same basic things each day. The less thinking the better. I had been eating this small box of frozen vegetables for lunch each day. Suddenly last week I couldn't do it. My mouth went into rebellion. No matter how much hot sauce I used I just couldn't do it.

But I remembered the 'flat tire' rule (as I call it). I reminded myself that I wasn't failing. Don't give up, just change things up. So for now I'm enjoying lunches of red, yellow, and orange peppers. They're great, I can eat them like apples right at my desk and not have to stop down for the 20 minutes that it was taking to microwave and eat the other veggies. Small victories propel my to larger ones.

That's how things are going right now. A few pounds off each week, a few more minutes of activity (like the treadmill) added. The countdown to my birthday in February continues, and I may not lose the whole 100 pounds by then, but I am gaining so much self knowledge that when I do make my goal weight I know that Profile will have taught me to keep it off.

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