Earlier this year we reported on the blood crisis across the country as supplies were critically low. This week once again the call is going out for blood donors.

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Wednesday through Friday, August 31-September 2 you are encouraged to roll up your sleeve and donate blood during the 7th annual All-American Blood Drive.

Dave Roberts TSM
Dave Roberts TSM

According to the Executive director for Community Blood Bank Ken Versteeg, one of the biggest needs for blood comes just ahead of Labor Day weekend.

“Labor Day weekend I historically one of our highest use holidays so we’re going to see a lot more people on the roadways, a lot more people on the waterways as well,” said Versteeg.

In a report from Dakota News Now Versteeg says, “We get reports from Sanford and Avera Lab to determine where our supply is as we move forward into the week and the reports were not good. In fact, we’re looking about 30% down from where we should be as we go into Labor Day weekend.”

How about you rally your coworkers to donate blood this week? You can join all to save lives and help local patients in need requiring a blood transfusion by scheduling your donation.


The blood drive will be at these Sioux Falls locations:

  • Wednesday, August 31 - Krav'N, The Barrell House
  • Thursday, September 1 - SD Air National Guard, Sanford Hartford Clinic
  • Friday, September 2 - Avera McKennan Fitness Center


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