There is a recent wave of bogus bills in Sioux Falls. Since the weekend attempted use of counterfeit cash has blossomed with mixed results on criminal success.

On Monday August 27, Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens reported on an incident where a man tried to pay a bill with non-legal tender that dated back to Friday evening at 12th Street and Western Avenue.

“A couple were eating at Fry’n Pan and tried to pay with a fake $100 bill. The waitress recognized that it was fake. When confronted, the two took off running.”

When caught, police discovered that the suspect had three other bills and Clemens at the time described the bills as poor facsimiles.

“The officer noted that the texture was way wrong on these bills. It was obvious that these were fake $100 bills.”

More bills surfaced on Monday with three more fake C-notes and one fake $50 bill. Two of them were not discovered until later and others were attempted but not accepted at the point of sale. The “For Motion Picture Only” marked bills are closest to the actual feel of money which allows criminals the best chance to succeed.

Three more reports for funny money came in later. One was left over from a late Monday night discovery, then two more that happened Tuesday. In each instance bogus $100 bills were used with two of them discovered before the transaction was completed.

There is a diverse spectrum of fake money incidents with a wide range of potential suspects and seemingly no concrete pattern to this behavior. That makes a minimum of eight reports of counterfeit bills in a short time span.

Vigilance is key when it comes to sniffing out the cash that was not issued by the U.S. Treasury. For example many retailers are using detection pens to confirm the authenticity of money. Nonetheless, the tension continues between Sioux Falls businesses and those who want to pay for products and services improperly.

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