Ever wonder what is coursing through someone else’s ear buds? In some cases you just have to be curious if you want to know if music libraries overlap.

When taking one of the vehicles in for service at a Sioux Falls repair shop, I took to wandering the neighborhood as a time-killer. As with almost any task these days a little music is good for the trip.

On the returning part of my journey, a twenty-something fellow riding a bike spied my music and stopped to ask what was on my playlist. At the time it was one of the dozen or so selections from country great Earl Thomas Conley.

“Oh, cool. My dad likes Brooks and Dunn,” he responded. “When someone’s wearing headphones, I like to ask them about their music or podcast.”

I was curious about what he shared from his tune collection and he was willing to return the favor. The last few seconds of Bill Withers ‘Lean on Me’ was currently playing. That’s a truly classic song millions have enjoyed for years that resides on a listening device of someone who likely was not even born during its maiden voyage on the charts.

Next up was something a little more modern. I didn’t get a chance to find out what it was before my new friend hit the next selection button. “Oh, that’s some dance crap my girlfriend put on my phone.” To prevent him from becoming a former friend, I didn’t press it further.

I can understand. It can be quite a letdown from Bill Withers to technopop. I’ll remember that when I get my next shuffle segue from Guns n’ Roses to Dolly Parton.

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