The late 1970's was filled with quality, high tech (for the time) educational television programs that, when you sat down and watched them, by the time they were done you felt like you learned something.

Yeah, the Gong Show wasn't one of those.

But it sure was crazy and fun

The guy pictured above, Chuck Barris, was the Ring Leader of the crazy panel and contestants that were featured on this....uh...well, Game Show.  If you're not familiar with the Gong Show, well, don't think so much 'Wheel of Fortune' or 'Jeopardy'.  Think more 'Monty Python' or maybe 'Pee Wee's Playhouse'.

The Gong Show had their regular 'performers'.  Remember The Unknown Comic?  And then of course, one of the, well, 'legends' from the show.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's Gene Gene The Dancing Machine.



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