OK Baby Boomer's (and you know who you are). It's the early to mid 1970's and you're in high school...and maybe, just maybe, your parents said 'OK, you can get a car, let's go take a look'.

Now, if you were like me (a scary thought, I know, I know) you got a Chevy that was about 10 years old, about a hundred thousand miles on it and that big 'ol puff of blue smoke would come barreling out the back when you stepped down on the gas pedal..and you loved it!

But what you wanted was one of those hit new Duster's!

A what?

A Duster.

The Duster (long gone) was made by Plymouth (not as long gone, but gone). And while a lot of us (OK, some of us...well, a few of us) thought they were a hot car, apparently not. They only made them from 1970-76.

According to Wikipedia they were meant to compete with Ford's Maverick and AMC's Hornet (A couple more real beauties).

The Duster came with a bunch of options, and best of all they had cool names...Feather Duster, Gold Duster, Silver Duster, Space Duster, Duster Twister and more. Geez, with cool names like that, hard to believe the 'ol Duster didn't survive.

But alas, it didn't. By '76 it had gasped its last. Oh, and by the way the Maverick was doomed by the late 70's and the Hornet was belly-up by 1977. Gee, I guess maybe the 1970's wasn't exactly the Golden Age of Automobiles.

Sure seemed like it at the time, though.

For it's part, Plymouth held on til 2001.

But hey, wouldn't it be fun to hop into that '73 Duster and crank up a little Creedence Clearwater on the 'ol 8-track?



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