When something new comes to town everyone has to try it. And in 1964 something new came to town.

Mountain Dew.

I can still remember all these years later (OK, all these decades later) walking into the Leota Cafe in Leota, Minnesota and like every other kid, ordering up a bottle of this new stuff, this Mountain Dew.

The green bottle (yes, hard as it is to believe, glass!) with the hillbilly on it and the 'Yahoo, Mountain Dew!'


Tasty. Real Tasty.

I didn't know at the time this was a 'carbonated soft drink brand produced by Pepsico'. All I knew is, this was some good pop! Turns out the original formula originated way back in 1940, and after some revisions, Pepsi-Cola started distributing it in August of '64. And it was right about then it hit Leota.

I suppose there were two reason we all loved Mountain Dew. First off, it was different and new and if you drrank a bottle you were, well...cool

And then there was the high tech television commercials. Well, high tech for the day, at least.  It might look a little simple, perhaps cheesy now, but it was fun back then and is a great classic memory!

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