I don't think too many of you are going to pick a fight with me when I point out that 2020 is already turning into one of the worst years ever, and we're not even a third of the way through the calendar.

But now on top of all of the dealing with the unprecedented challenges brought on by Coronavirus (COVID-19), I'm hit right between the eyes with another piece of sobering news.

I'm old.

Don't get me wrong, I fully suspected that I was dangerously close to 'elderly' status when I blew out my latest batch of birthday candles two months ago, but now a new survey has confirmed it.

OnePoll and LetsGetChecked teamed up for the poll, which asked 2,000 Americans exactly which number they would attach to being old.

The age they chose just happens to be the one that is my current reality for the next ten months - 57.

To put an even finer point on the discussion, they asked respondents to give some examples of what exactly were some of the key indicators of someone's arrival at the 'old' doorstep.

Heightened concern about overall health (39%), wrinkles (36%), weight gain (36%), gray hair (35%), hair loss (34%), and age spots (34%) all made the hit list.

You can say 'age is just a number' all you want, but when your number is the one being thrown out there it hits home just a little harder.

Thanks 2020, you've done it again...

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