Ariana Grande's latest bop is "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" and some of you may think that this song is 100% Ariana realness, but in fact it samples one of my favorite NSYNC songs, "It Makes Me Ill."

"It Makes Me Ill" was on NSYNC's No Strings Attached album. It was never a single, but it is definitely a fan favorite. Honestly, I don't know why it wasn't a single. Everybody I know that had that album loved "It Makes Me Ill." The song was kind of a rap so learning all the lyrics was tricky. I took it as a personal challenge to learn all the words, which is how I know Ariana uses it in her new song!

Don't worry. I checked. They went about using the sample in all the right ways. The appropriate people are getting paid!

The original NSYNC lyrics go as follows:

Call me a hater, if you want to
But I only hate on him 'cause I want you
You can say I'm trippin' if you feel like
But you without me ain't right
You can say I'm crazy, if you want to
That's true-- I'm crazy 'bout you
You could say I'm breakin' down inside
'Cause I can't see you with another guy

In the above video it starts at 1:15

Ariana flipped it to this:

You can say I'm hatin' if you want to
But I only hate on her 'cause I want you
Say I'm trippin' if you feel that
But you without me ain't right (Ain't right)
You can call me crazy 'cause I want you
And I never even never fuckin' met you
Say I'm trippin' and it ain't right
But you without me ain't nice (Ain't nice, yeah)

The sample starts at 2:21

And that is that on that!



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