"Travel is the one thing that makes you richer." That was a quote I saw on a piece of framed artwork at Hobby Lobby one weekend. But I believe the statement to be true as travel opens your eyes to new experiences and cultures.

When planning a trip most people take a stroll down the travel-sized toiletries aisle and load up on all the usual products they need on a daily basis. But are those cute little bottles of mouth wash and tooth past really worth the money?

According to travelfashiongirl.com, most travel-sized products are hardly worth your money. But the convenience they provide with how little space they take up in your already cramped suitcase may be worth the investment in it of itself.

For shorter weekend trips, try getting some sample sizes of your favorite products. These are free and usually tend to come in easy to pack containers or pouches. The amount within these little samples should be good for two-three days depending on how much you use.

For those week or two-week trips try buying travel-sized products that you can't live without along the way. That way when your trip is over you've used up most of these little bottles and can have some more room for your souvenirs!

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