You guys, how have I never eaten here before? Seriously, it was so good!

Last weekend, a couple of friends and I decided we should go to eat somewhere we've never been to before. We settled on Dareo's Pizza. Dareo's is located at 2920 S. Minnesota Avenue.

We walked in and already I was surprised. The booths and chairs had a soda shop 50's vibe. There was a video lottery casino to the right. Minors are allowed in Dareo's, but must be accompanied by someone 21 or older.

We walked up to the counter not knowing what the protocol was. We informed the woman at the register that we had never been there before and she explained that we should just have a seat and she'd be with us shortly.

We sat down and looked over the menu. Dareo's is first a pizza place, but they had taco salads, burgers, and sandwiches too. They even have breakfast!

We ordered cheese balls, a chicken alfredo pizza, a breakfast pizza, and a patty melt with fries. There were three of us and we took some home. Don't judge me!

Anyway, it was all delicious. The breakfast pizza had a sausage gravy on it and it was so good. We asked our server if it was as good as Casey's breakfast pizza and she said it was better. It definitely is stiff competition.

Speaking of our server, her name was Bonnie and she was literally the best. I know I've only been there once and the food was great, but I would totally go back just for Bonnie! She gave me a whole cup of olives for my beer and I didn't even have to ask! The service was fast too!

Seriously, the next time its pizza night for the fam or date night or whatever, give Dareo's a try!

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