Here's my 'Wanna Know' question of the day - are the colors of M&Ms evenly distributed or do you get more of one color in a typical package? I've always wondered.

According to the website Quartz, the answer is no, the colors are not evenly distributed. In fact, the most popular color has actually changed over the years.

Back in the 1990's the Mars Company began publishing the color breakdown of its popular candy. Before then, they never made the color breakdown public.

But when they started releasing the statistics, brown M&Ms came out on top. A typical bag would contain roughly 30% brown, followed by yellow and red at 20%.

Then in the early 2000s blue moved up to the top of the list, coming in at 24%. Orange increased to 20% and green 16%.

Today, it's pretty much a draw between green, orange and blue. Green is 19.5%, Orange 18.7% and blue also at 18.7%.

I should point out, when I first set out to find the answer to my question, I tried to conduct my own research - but I kept eating all the samples. Yummers!

Source: Quartz

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