Do South Dakotans get enough sleep? If you believe a recent survey conducted by the gang at Zippia, the residents of the Rushmore state have no problems getting plenty of shuteye.

According to Zippia's findings, 70% of the people in this nation are sleep-deprived.

I for one, do not fall in that category. I have zero trouble falling asleep each night. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I am out like a light. Not be heard from again until just before 6 AM most days. It would probably take the likes of the USC Marching Band playing inside my bedroom to wake me up before that. I'm told I sleep like the dead.

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Evidently, there must be a bunch of people just like me here in South Dakota, because we show up at #50 on the Zippia sleep-deprived states list.

The majority of us South Dakotans have very few difficulties nodding off each night. Only 28% of us claim to have trouble getting enough sleep according to the Zippia survey.

Speaking of enough sleep. how much sleep do you require? I typically need a good seven hours of zzz's each night, without it, I am about as fun to be around as Dick Nixon was during the Watergate hearings.

Experts say the average adult aged (18-60) requires 7 or more hours of sleep each night to function at a high level during the day.

That doesn't sound like a real problem here in South Dakota. We appear to be well-rested. So, how do our neighbors in some of the surrounding states sleep? The answer is pretty damn good here in the Midwest.

The other Dakota up north, checks in at #39 on the Zippia least sleep-deprived states list. Iowa shows up at #45. We all know the vast majority of Iowans do most of their sleeping behind the wheel when they come to Sioux Falls to visit. (Just kidding!)

We can't accuse the gang down in Nebraska of being a bunch of sleep-deprived zombies, they hold down the #46 spot on the least sleep-deprived states list. And our friends to the east over in Minnesota don't need to count sheep, they have no problems getting their sleep. Minnesotans are almost as well-rested as we South Dakotans. They showed up at #48 on the list.

If you're wondering what state gets the Sominex award for the crummiest night's sleep in the nation, that honor goes to the folks in Hawaii. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. I mean it's flipping Hawaii, where it's sunny and beautiful most days. Who would wanna sleep? There are too many luaus to go to.

Spending all this time writing an article about sleep has made me kinda tired. I think I might take a nap. Sleep well, my fellow South Dakotans. I know you will.

Source: Zippia

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