It's been quite a year, to put it mildly.

And now, as if we haven't been dealing with enough stress, here come the holidays. Oh, I know it a fun family time, but I also know it can add some pressure and stress in 'normal' times. And these aren't what we would refer to as normal times.

So it may not be a surprise that you're having some trouble getting a good night's sleep. Tossing and turning and...still awake. What the heck is a person to do?


No, not stuff yourself with whatever might be in the cupboard or fridge, you may already be dealing with that 'Quarantine 15'. But there are some foods that can help you get that sleep and rest you need.

Yahoo. Food has put together a list of foods that can help relax tense muscles, quiet buzzing minds, and help calm you down. Will you like them all? Probably not, but there are several that I like and you will, too.

Stressed & Can't Sleep? Here's 9 Foods That Will Help

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