The several months of dealing with COVID-19 have seen us encounter things that we never imagined dealing with, even in our wildest dreams.

And, believe it or not, our dreams are just one of the things that have been potentially impacted during the pandemic.

According to Lonely Planet, a recent Ipsos MORI survey done by King’s College London shows that dealing with the anxiety that some of us are experiencing during these days of the coronavirus outbreak is taking its toll on what we dream about at night.

That trend toward a more bizarre array of dreams is actually the inspiration for a new project at the Museum of London. Officials there have partnered with at Western University in Canada, which is home to the Museum of Dreams, which bills itself as a place devoted to 'exploring the social and political significance of dream-life. We collect and creatively work with dreams from the historical record and provide a platform for collaborative storytelling projects'.

Those two entities are teaming up to launch a research project known as ‘Guardians of Sleep,’ which will showcase many of the dreams compiled during the last six months of the pandemic. It's all part of the museum's ongoing 'Collecting COVID' project.

The exhibit will consist of personal testimonies about dreams and professional interpretations of those dreams.

So what unusual things do you find yourself dreaming about these days?



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