If this were a category on Jeopardy I would call it "Yes, you can get too close to a moving train."

Recently, a 64-year-old Louisiana man lived it first-hand by stopping his 2016 Volvo too close to a moving train.

It all started when Frank Scalisi Jr. of Lake Charles found himself in a left turn lane alongside some railroad tracks.

Not realizing just how close he was to the tracks, he didn't think he needed to move his car. That's when an approaching train took off the passenger side mirror.

So then what's he do? He decides to drive two blocks, stop and open the driver's door so he could notify the train crew what had happened - BOOM!!!

That's when the train took off the driver's side door, damaging the car's front quarter panel. Fortunately, no one was injured and no tickets had to be issued.

Source: Associated Press

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