The Tide Pod Challenge is where teens record themselves eating the detergent pods then post the video on social media in hopes of getting lots of views. Stupid, right!? So far about 86 teens nationwide have become sick after taking part in the Tide Pod Challenge.

With 86 kids affected do you think we need legislation to outlaw or designate what colors companies can use in the design of there products?

New York lawmakers want to pass a law that would require companies that produce detergent packets, like Tide Pods, to change the colorful designs so they appeal less to children.

Really? Wouldn't it be more effective to pass a law that would require teens not to do stupid crap? Probably not.

Can you pass laws to stop stupid? Maybe this is where we need to see a bit more parental involvement. Like giving kids consequences for inappropriate behavior.

For example, when I was a kid and acted out I knew that I could be punished by having my mouth washed out with soap!  Oh...well...maybe that wouldn't work so well in this situation...

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