So, the other day Johnny V of Hot 104.7 was perusing the internet, as he is want to do when he came across Death Nuts. Now, the name alone would result in most sane human beings exiting the site and moving on with their lives.

Not so with Johnny V, who immediately ordered the Carolina Reaper Peanuts - one of each heat level (Mild, Medium and Wild). Sort of tells you something about Johnny's sanity level.

Unsatisfied with putting his own taste buds at risk, he decided to drag along Tasha, also from Hot 104.7, and Dan Peters of KSOO-AM/KXRB-FM, to join him in his quixotic quest to give them a taste.

Now, Death Nuts describes the Carolina Reaper Peppers "Medium" heat level as such: "building from the mild with a healthy dose of smoking hot Ghost Peppers bursting with intense flavor." The key word is "building."

Watch what happens as the intensity level builds on their faces.

Insanity, thy name is Johnny V.

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