If dealing with the coronavirus, unemployment, and social distancing wasn't enough. Oh wait, that would be the negative approach. Let's begin again. Get off your behind and take a walk.

Our friends at the American Heart Association (AHA) have a challenge for us to be more physically active. Once you realize that being cooped up in the house sucks, move. Outdoors if you can.

The AHA wants you to focus on your heart and brain health. It's not like when my mom always told me to go outside and play just so I would get out of her hair. Now is the perfect time to follow the kids outside. Take a hike. Enjoy the bike trail. Simply we need to sit less and move more.

Starting a journey to be more active can boost your personal health and well-being, and inspire others to do the same, according to the AHA.

For adults, the American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity such as brisk walking, yoga or gardening or 75 minutes of vigorous activity such as running, jumping rope or swimming laps, or a combination of those activities.

April, known as American Heart Association���s Move More Month, is a great opportunity to examine personal habits and increase daily activity.

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