Since 1964, February has been known as "American Heart Month" across America!  This month encourages people to become knowledgeable about their heart health and various diseases associated with the heart.  The American Heart Association is the perfect resource to help you enhance your heart health.

Believe it or not, every 40 seconds there is someone experiencing a heart attack in the United States.  Chrissy Meyer from the American Heart Association in the Sioux Empire says it's their goal to educate people about their heart health.  "Our mission is to create a world of longer, healthier lives.  We want to make sure everyone (everywhere) has the opportunity to live the longest, healthiest life possible," says Meyer.

Heart disease is both detective and non-detective.  Meyer explains, "I think of it as if you have an electrical system and a plumbing system in your heart.  Sometimes when we think about heart attacks, that's when some of those arteries and your heart become blocked.  That's a plumbing problem.  But you also have the electrical system in your heart.  If your heartbeat is irregular, you might have a disease called 'A-Fib' or another disease that affects how your heartbeats."

Here's a shocking (and scary) fact about heart disease: 1 in 3 women die due to heart disease.  It is still the #1 killer for women.  These startling statistics are part of the reason why the American Heart Association initiated the "Go Red For Women" campaign.   “ 'Go Red For Women' started over 15 years ago to help educate women on their heart health," states Meyer.  "We talk about heart health and encourage people to wear red throughout the month."

To show your support, everyone is encouraged to wear red on Friday, February 5th.  You can turn social media red by posting a picture of yourself wearing red using the #SoDakGoRed! 

By the way: Save the date for the Go Red For Women" program at the Sioux Falls Convention Center on Tuesday, May 11th.  Click here to learn more about this great event and how you can support the American Heart Association.

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