Adventure seekers and puzzle solvers Escape 605 has added more rooms for you to test your skills, and try find your way out of. They have opened up six new escape rooms in the JC Penny wing of the Empire Mall.

If your not familiar with the action found in escape rooms according to Escape 605's website:

Live Escape games are the latest worldwide craze designed to challenge your mind and senses with clues, puzzles, gadgets and teamwork, all blended together to accomplish one common goal....ESCAPE the room!

Escape 605 has opened up a zombie themed room, Area 51 and Davinci Code rooms. Another escape room, called Christmas Mission, offers kids the chance to get off of Santa's naughty list.

Escapes 605's original Westport location is also adding a wine and beer lounge and a fourth room called Amnesia.

These new additions will bring Escape 605 to a total of ten rooms for you to try and escape from!

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