More proof you really can find an app for anything these days. There's now an app - if you can believe it - that allows you to swap votes with people in other states.

It's called "Vote Swapping." It was created by a group of social media experts in Silicon Valley who argue the app is democracy at its best - proving every vote counts.

"By helping out someone in another state with your third party vote, you're not only legitimizing that third party, but you're also getting to vote, and hopefully making a difference, in a swing state."

The overall object of the app is to help legitimize third party candidates. By swapping votes with someone in another state, both sides ultimately get what they want.

Opponents argue what you're doing is putting democracy's most precious gift - your vote - in the hands of a complete stranger -  your vote should be your vote, not someone else's.

Those behind the app beg to differ. They say it's "good spirit and trust."

Source: ABC News Radio


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