This Thanksgiving may look a little different. We may not have extended family around the dinner table but there are still ways to make it fun and creative. Red Lobster to the rescue.

Their delicious Cheddar Bay Biscuits will be available in a lovely gift box for Thanksgiving. Beginning on November 16 you can place the order and a pick-up time. You can also give them as a gift and have them sent to your loved ones. What a gift! For an extra $1 you can have them buttery gems placed in a decorative gift box.

Too busy for this on Thanksgiving? No problem. Red Lobster is extending this through Christmas, too.

You'll get a half dozen in the box so you'd better order a couple because like chips, no one can eat just one.

To order (and I really don't know why you wouldn't) pull up the Red Lobster App or go to and select biscuits. Pick them up after work on Wednesday and be a hero for Thanksgiving. You can order your biscuits online here.

The Sioux Falls Red Lobster is located in front of the Empire Mall on West 41st Street. Call them at (605) 361-6952 to get your order in line for the holidays.

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