I was driving down I-229 recently blasting and jamming out to the 'Weird Al' classic "Waffle King." As I was belting out the lyrics my thoughts turned to pancakes. I started to wonder if there are any songs about pancakes. So I set about doing some serious YouTube mining. Now, I present to you my findings.

The first song I found was a rediscovery for me, this few seconds of heaven from Adventure Time.

Then I found this super awesome gem. Its a Metal song written by a six-year old girl and performed by Sockweb (via).

You know, there is nothing stronger then the love of a man for his pancakes.

No matter what you call them; minis, silver-dollar or the rest of the batter, they are still yummy.

If you're asking yourself if I found a video of a guy playing the piano and sing about pancakes with a sweatshirt that say rockstar hanging on the wall. My answer is yes!

Do you need to learn how to make pancakes, but would like the recipe delivered in song format? Then my friend you are in luck.

And finally I found this - um - video. BTW they're just kidding about the fish.

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