Agreeing on a playlist for your wedding dance is kind of a big deal. And it appears there’s a good deal of songs that couples just don’t want to be played - at all - on their big day under any circumstances.

The good folks at took a survey of a couple of dozen DJs spanning over 200 weddings and have compiled a list of the list of songs that are the most banned at wedding dances- and there are more than a few surprises.

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For example "Sweet Caroline" by Neil Diamond, "Don’t Stop Believing" by Journey, and apparently, we will not "bang, bang on the door, baby" because "Love Shack" by the B-52s squeaked in at number 11. And that goes for you too, "Mony Mony" and "Cotton-Eyed Joe."

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Here are the top 10 least wanted songs at a wedding dance:

1. "Chicken Dance"
2. "Cha-cha Slide"
3. "Macarena"
4. "Cupid Shuffle"
5. "YMCA"
6. "Electric Boogie"
7. "Hokey pokey"
8. "Wobble"
9. "Happy"
10. "Shout"

OK, seriously, most of those songs were played at our wedding! And "Celebration," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Footloose," and "Brown-Eyed Girl" were mandatory on our big day.

Does that make us weird?


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