I know that when I think of Valentine's Day the first thing that comes to mind is definitively 'Weird Al' Yankovic. Right...right!?! Oh, just me then? Fine!

Let me try to change your mind. Below I have the perfect 'Weird Al' love song playlist. So, grab a spatula and snuggle up for the ride of your love life. And maybe we'll learn a little about ourselves along the way.

The key to happiness is low expectations, so let's start with this little diddy from 2010 where Al sings, "...and if you cut the cheese then maybe I'll wink and say the dog's to blame and I'll make sure to call you baby every time I forget your name..."

Here's a tune for when you and your special someone are ready to take it to the next lever. "Your face is real symmetrical...And your nostils are so nice...I wish that I was cross-eyed, girl...So I could see you twice"

Remember you never know when or where you might find love.

But, when you get bitten by the love bug you will do anything for that person, "You make me wanna write a dozen book reports...Then pack myself in Styrofoam"

Always remember that it's OK if you have different hobbies.

Alas, sometimes it just doesn't work. Don't worry, there's more piranhas in the bathtub.

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