Given the scope of the medical community here in Sioux Falls and research being done, there's some encouraging news to report regarding the fight against breast cancer reoccurring. The newest hope lies in making cancer tumors glow - literally.

Up until now, if a cancer recurs in a patient after that patient has had surgery it's usually because stray tumor cells were left behind. There's been no good way for surgeons to tell what is cancer and what isn't - good and bad tissue often look the same.

In fact, recent statistics show that up to one-third of women who have had a lump removed end up needing a second operation because the margins of error between the good tissue and the bad tissue weren't clear.

There's good news to report though.

Now, dyes are being tested to make cancer cells light up, or "glow," so doctors can more precisely cut them out, giving patients a better shot at survival. Those working in the field say dyes may, in fact, hold the most promise for breast cancer.

At this point, the dyes are purely experimental - but advancing quickly. Two are currently being tested in late-stage studies, with hopes of eventually winning F-D-A approval.

Source: FOX News

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