Even if you're not a coin collector, you may want to grab one of these pink gold $5 coins that the United States Mint began issuing last Thursday, if for no other reason than they are cool. The other reason would be that your purchase is helping to fund continuing research of breast cancer.

They aren't cheap, in fact, they're downright expensive, (at least in my opinion). But even at $421 (uncirculated $5 coin) & $431 (proof $5 coin), over 6200 of them were sold the first day they went on sale, raising just short of $4 million. There are other less expensive, but also, not pink, options. You can purchase silver dollars and half dollars, ranging from $25.95 to $51.95, depending on whether they are proofs or uncirculated.

Last Thursday when the coins went on sale it was two years  after the Breast Cancer Awareness Commemorative Coin Act was signed into law. The hope then was that the sale of the coins would raise $8 million dollars for breast cancer research. But at the rate they are selling the amount could be much more!

If you're interested you can see and buy the coins at the U.S. Mint website.

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